Click, click (#1): Pinakothek der Moderne

Fellow logician Andi Pietz was nice enough to take me for a short tour around the corridors of Akademie der Bildenden Künste. We saw some splendid exam exhibitions by Munich art students,  but unfortunately I don’t have any pictures. So instead I’ve gone with a high profile piece from the Pinakothek der Moderne, Bacon’s Crucifixion triptych. The Pinakothek is worth a visit for the architecture alone, but also have a great collection with Kirchner, Beckmann, and Baselitz as some of the key artists. In the more recent sections I was hoping for work by Gerhard Richter, but didn’t find any. So the high point was Bacon’s impressive mock-altarpiece.

My interest in Bacon was fueled recently by a visit to the reconstruction of his studio in Dublin’s The Hugh Lane (with the original content moved from London). Here is part of a video playing at the exhibition: an interview with Bacon in the infamous studio in London.

Next up on my Munich odyssey is Neue Pinakothek, hunting for Napoleonic paintings. Of course!