MCMP Video Podcasts: 1st Bristol-Munich Workshop (Arrow’s Theorem)

More video podcasts are now available. This time the talks are from the 1st Bristol-Munich Workshop, from MCMP in Munich. The workshop had two parts: First a general session with mixed talks, and then a second session on applications of Arrow’s Theorem. Both sessions are a mix of faculty speakers and graduate student speakers.


Paul Harrenstein (TUM): Set-Rationalizability Choice and Self-Stability

Martin Rechenauer (LMU): Variations of Avoiding the Arrow Impasse

Hannes Leitgeb (MCMP/LMU): A Dictator Theorem on Belief Revision Derived From Arrow’s Theorem

Kit Patrick (Bristol) & Kate Hodesdon (Bristol): Is Theory Choice Using Epistemic Virtues Possible?

Hans-Christoph Kotzsch (MCMP/LMU): Modal Logic From a Categorical Point of View

Neil Coleman (Bristol): Logic as Modelling

Thomas Meier (MCMP/LMU): Structural Realism in Linguistic

Benjamin Eva (Bristol): Meaning and Interpretation in Birkhoff/von Neumann Quantum Logic

Florian Steinberger (MCMP/LMU) & Julien Murzi (MCMP/LMU): Is Logical Knowledge Dispositional?

Marianna Anonutti M. (Bristol): Inexhaustibility and Reflection

Julien Murzi (University of Kent, MCMP/LMU): Validity Curry

Johannes Korbmacher (MCMP/LMU): An Ontological Argument for the Existence of Numbers?

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