MCMP Video Podcast: Timothy Williamson on Logic as Scientific Theory

There is a series of new video podcast available on iTunes. There are two talks by Timothy Williamson (on logic as science and infinitary logic), two talks by Mark Colyvan (on the sorites paradox and mathematical explanation), and talks by Jake Chandler (on an sharp credences), Daniel Cohnitz (on the empirical content of theories of reference), and Simone Duca (on a regret-based model for wishful thinking).

Many people have asked me about access to the videos outside iTunes. The idea is for the videos to appear on the new MCMP website. It is supposed to go live in not too long. I’ll keep you updated here.

See the full list of talks here.

MCMP Video Podcasts: 1st Bristol-Munich Workshop (Arrow’s Theorem)

More video podcasts are now available. This time the talks are from the 1st Bristol-Munich Workshop, from MCMP in Munich. The workshop had two parts: First a general session with mixed talks, and then a second session on applications of Arrow’s Theorem. Both sessions are a mix of faculty speakers and graduate student speakers.


Paul Harrenstein (TUM): Set-Rationalizability Choice and Self-Stability

Martin Rechenauer (LMU): Variations of Avoiding the Arrow Impasse

Hannes Leitgeb (MCMP/LMU): A Dictator Theorem on Belief Revision Derived From Arrow’s Theorem

Kit Patrick (Bristol) & Kate Hodesdon (Bristol): Is Theory Choice Using Epistemic Virtues Possible?

Hans-Christoph Kotzsch (MCMP/LMU): Modal Logic From a Categorical Point of View

Neil Coleman (Bristol): Logic as Modelling

Thomas Meier (MCMP/LMU): Structural Realism in Linguistic

Benjamin Eva (Bristol): Meaning and Interpretation in Birkhoff/von Neumann Quantum Logic

Florian Steinberger (MCMP/LMU) & Julien Murzi (MCMP/LMU): Is Logical Knowledge Dispositional?

Marianna Anonutti M. (Bristol): Inexhaustibility and Reflection

Julien Murzi (University of Kent, MCMP/LMU): Validity Curry

Johannes Korbmacher (MCMP/LMU): An Ontological Argument for the Existence of Numbers?